Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Cousin Rachel Review - 3 Stars

"My Cousin Rachel" feels like an old school cousin to Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Rebecca." It ought to, as both films are based on stories by Daphne du Maurier. In "Rachel," a young man (almost of age) mourns the death of his beloved guardian, who left for Italy and married a distant cousin, only to die leaving behind clues & notes, that she was trying to poison him. Rachel arrives at the estate left to young Sam Claflin, and soon his hate & distrust turn into puppy love. We're not sure if she's manipulating him or not; but pretty soon, she's in control of both the boy and his wealth. "My Cousin Rachel" feels like an old movie, possibly in need of a few modern touches; but I love old school films and found this one a delight. The conclusion left me entertained and satisfied. How often does a movie do that? The direction's steady and the scenery is beautiful. Weisz captures Rachel's enigma. The plot simmers & boils, and includes a couple of bodice-ripping, heavy breathing scenes. Hot stuff for the 18th century. "My Cousin Rachel," rated PG-13, 3 stars. Does it deliver what it promises? Old school thriller romance. Is it entertaining? Delightful. Is it worth the price of admission? A classic.