Thursday, June 16, 2016

Finding Dory Review - 3½ Stars

"Finding Dory" follows the plot of the delightful "Finding Nemo," moving the spotlight to the blue tang fish with short term memory issues voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. As a child, Dory is constantly watched by her parents, who fear her memory issues may lead to danger. Their fears come true when Dory strays into an undertow, and is whisked into the ocean. Pixar has this kind of plot down to a science: Lovable character, lost in the larger world works to return home. "Finding Dory's" undersea world looks wonderful in 3D, and features a visit to an aquatic park with an ongoing loop of the voice of Sigourney Weaver, making sure we know this facility is about "rescue, rehabilitation and release." A couple of funny sea lions and a wise cracking octopus voiced by "Modern Family's" Ed O'Neill add just the right splash of humor. It also helps that Dory comes across the "Nemo" stars - including Marlin, voiced by Albert Brooks and Nemo himself, voiced in this film by Hayden Rolence. "Finding Dory" succeeds most of all, thanks to DeGeneres' voice work. Ellen keeps Dory likable, even as Dory's short-term memory loss occasionally loses its charm. Pixar has done it again, and no one should be surprised. They have added yet another film worthy of comparison to "Toy Story," "Up" and yes, "Finding Nemo." Does it deliver what it promises? A delightful and touching Pixar animated marvel. Is it entertaining? Fun to watch, even as it runs a few minutes too long. Is it worth the price of admission. A big yes.