Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Terminator Genisys Review - 1 Star

Arnold said he’d be back, but this is getting ridiculous. “Terminator Genisys” reboots the Terminator story, this time with an aging Arnold Schwarzenegger making several stops back in time to save Sarah Connor - who appears this time, in the very appealing Emilia Clark. If you remember the original, you know that Linda Hamilton was living a dull life, when suddenly this big hunk came back from the future to kill her, thus preventing her from giving birth to John Connor who would lead the revolution against the machines that take over and nuke the world. Jason Clarke plays the grown-up John, with the kind of swagger usually seen in your average high school bully. Jai Courtney plays Kyle Reese, who fathers the child who leads the revolution. I got confused in the second movie when they made Arnold’s autobot a good guy. This time, they stop in parallel universes, visit several different years and leave enough holes in the script to drive a truck through. Good guys become bad guys, and bad guys become good guys and the fighting goes on forever. “Terminator Genisys” is long, loud and confusing, and no match for the dinos in “Jurassic World.” How about next time, you don’t come back? Does it deliver what it promises? Confusing terminator redux. Is it entertaining? Long and confusing. Is it worth the price of admission? A resounding no.