Friday, July 10, 2015

Self/less Review - Zero Stars

I really want to like the kind of science fiction Hollywood churns out these days, but give me a break. “Self/less” begins with the great Ben Kingsley as a mega wealthy developer, who discovers a very expensive process which will give him a new body and a new lease on life. Plus the process has the added bonus of giving Kingsley - Ryan Reynolds face and bod. Starting his new life as a young, wealthy retiree in New Orleans, Reynolds enjoys his new lease on life... a lease dependent on a supply of little red pills, that keep his brain from turning to mush. But, oh those flashbacks from another life. Soon Reynolds investigates, and the rest of the movie turns into one long, unimaginative chase. “Self/Less” runs almost two hours and loses its' spark during the first thirty minutes. Does it deliver what it promises? Sci-fi tale of immortality, gone sour. Is it entertaining? Slow and predictable. Is it worth the price of admission? Not even for free.