Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mr. Holmes Review - 4 Stars

“Mr. Holmes” dishes up another version of the great detective inhabited by Ian McKellen as an elderly retiree, keeping bees in the English countryside and fighting memory loss. As Holmes, McKellen tries to solve Sherlock’s last case - a case that goes very wrong. McKellen receives aid from Laura Linney - his housekeeper - and friendship from her son (played by Milo Parker.) The scenes between the old man and the pre-teen boy add humor and humanity to the story. Parker’s not yet in his teens, but holds his own in his scenes with McKellen. The story takes place a couple of years after World War II, adding great atmosphere and giving Holmes an opportunity to visit post-war Japan. I loved every minute of “Mr. Holmes.” It felt like reading one of the classic detective stories on a rainy afternoon. Does it deliver what it promises? Engaging mystery of a fading mind. Is it entertaining? First rate acting. Is it worth the price of admission? Elementary, my dear Watson.