Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Age of Adaline Review - 3 Stars

Blake Lively brings a touch of classic Hollywood to an unbelievable, but enjoyable romance. As the film begins, we learn Adaline was born more than 100 years earlier, but stopped aging at 29, thanks to a near-fatal auto accident and a series of only-in-the-movies happenings. Most of us would love to stop aging at 29, but the times in which Adaline lives, bring her to the attention of a harsh government. She barely escapes plans to spirit her to a laboratory and “study” her. As a result, every 10 years, she changes identities & locations, and avoids intimacy. The pattern breaks, when she meets hunk Michiel Huisman who falls hard and works overtime to win her. His money and position help, but also leads to an equally preposterous plot twist involving old, grizzly Harrison Ford. What saves “The Age of Adaline” is its sense of play. It “winks” at us, and we love it. Most of all, Blake Lively makes “Adaline” a pleasure to watch. She reminds me of the pre-Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford. Lively has the classic Hollywood look, voice and movement. Does it deliver what it promises? Classic romance. Is it entertaining? A great surprise. Is it worth the price of admission? A keeper.