Wednesday, April 4, 2012

American Reunion Review - 3 Stars

The cast of 1999’s “American Pie” reunites for an update in “American Reunion.”  The gang return to small town Michigan for a thirteen year high school reunion.  Do the math and you can figure they’ve moved from high school into their early thirties with the issues that go along with young adulthood .  That sounds a lot more serious than this “R” rated comedy reboot which includes a weekend of drinking, sex, lots of talk about sex, some bathroom humor and plenty of nudity.  Jason Biggs—the kid who used his family’s apple pie as an erotic aid, has married Allison Hannigan, the girl who started almost every sentence with “This one time…at band camp…”  Chris Klein has an ESPN style television show and a beautiful girlfriend.  Sean William Scott works as a temp and hasn’t moved much beyond his Stiffler character.  More fun comes as the filmmakers give brief cameos to almost everyone from the original include Tara Reid, Natasha Lyon, and Elizabeth Shannon.  It makes for some enjoyable reminders of how many careers began in “American Pie”—even if a lot of those careers haven’t done much since.  “American Reunion” at times feels downright likable, a nice reunion with an older cast who once almost defined  high school for kids who came of age in the ’90’s.  What’s next?  American middle age?  Might not be bad.  Does it deliver what it promises?  “R” rated comedy reboot.  Is it entertaining?  Very funny at times.  Is it worth the price of admission?  For a laugh.