Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lockout Review - 1 Star

The fine actor Guy Pearce looks tough and world weary as an undercover cop wrongly accused of killing and possibly spying sometime in the brave new world of the future.  Since we’re in science fiction land, Pearce’s sentence is a trip to a deep space prison where bad guys go into storage for thirty years plus with induced comas.  Pearce takes this with a grain of salt and a mouth full of one liners that give the movie a jauntiness and let us know he’s not about to get the knock out drops.  Instead beautiful Maggie Grace shows up in a subplot as the President’s daughter, a humanitarian sent to the prison to investigate conditions.  She, of course, arrives in time for a takeover.  Soon five hundred of the world’s baddest guys are on the loose with her as their hostage.  Pearce has a chance to clear his name by flying up, saving her, and taking care of the situation.  Soon it becomes clear that nothing new will happen in this story and it doesn’t.   I laughed out loud when a plot twist involved the space prison going on a course to crash somewhere on the East coast.  Pearce remains a great actor and it’s hard to take your eyes off Maggie Grace, but they don’t get much interesting to do in this by the numbers jail break in space potboiler.  Does it deliver what it promises?  Nothing new here.  Is it entertaining?  Nothing new.  Is it worth the price of admission?  Same old same old.