Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love Review - 3 Stars

I’m posting an early preview of this outstanding summer romance, so you can put it on your calendars. Steve Carell plays a long time married man, blindsided when his wife Julianne Moore asks for a divorce. He moves to an apartment and starts hanging out at a bar where he notices ladies man Ryan Gosling. The expert takes pity on the newly single Carell, and shows him the ropes. Soon Carell is swinging with the best of them. “Crazy Stupid Love” juggles several plots and ties them together in a hilarious and quite satisfying grand finale. Emma Stone completes this outstanding ensemble cast. I really like “Crazy Stupid Love,” because it keeps you guessing and breaks through to do something different. Does it deliver what it promises? Unusual summer romance. Is it entertaining? Keeps you guessing. Is it worth the price of admission? One of the summer’s best.