Monday, May 29, 2023

You Hurt My Feelings - 3 1/2 Stars - May 26, 2023 - THEATERS

Honesty is the best policy until it isn't in You Hurt My Feelings, a lighter than air lifestyle comedy perfect for Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  The story shows even the problems of the one per cent make an entertaining yarn. She's a writer, who teaches at the New School (already some post Woody Allen drift.)  He's a therapist who discovers his patients don't exactly think he helps. One hilarious sequence features real life couple Amber Tamblyn and David Cross asking for their money back.  The plot turns when Julia Louis- Dreyfus and her younger sister sneak up on their husbands, only to hear Julia's husband confess he doesn't think much of her writing, although he's praised it for years. The break in trust and pain that comes across Julia Louie-Dreyfus face produces a jolt.  You Hurt My Feelings combines a wonderful cast (Jeannie Berlin, Tobias Menzies, and an especially good Michaela Watkins) with laugh out loud throw away lines.  Nicole Holofeener directs.  She makes a movie every few years.  I fondly remember Lovely and Amazing from the early 2000s and Julia Louis-Dreyfus fans will remember Enough Said.  I plan to remember Nicole Holofeener's name and look for whatever she creates next.  In this time of Super Heros and Action Figures at the Cineplex, a little light comedy is a tonic.  Holofeener's got the touch.