Sunday, May 14, 2023

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie - 3 1/2 Stars - May 12, 2023 - APPLE TV

Michael J. Fox says he never stayed still growing up.  Always the smallest kid in his class, in high school, Fox discovered acting.  He also discovered his small stature gave him a boost when a production needed someone who looked young but possessed adult abilities.  Stll:  A Michael J. Fox Movie mixes the story of his rise to fame - with his diagnosis with Parkinson's, the degenerative disease with no cure and a certainty of progression.  Fox allows us to see his struggle in scenes of physical therapy sessions and in glimpses of his daily life.  Interviews include his children and his longtime wife Tracy Pollan.  The mix of Fox's great achievements - Family ties, Spin City, Back to the Future - contrast with his life with Parkinson's.  Still:  A Michael J. Fox Movie tells a powerful story with honesty and truth.  Director Davis Guggenheim has fashioned one of the year's great documentaries.