Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Lost King --- 3 Stars ---THEATERS --- March 31, 2023

This really happened.  In 2012, a woman named Philippa Langley convinced a group of researchers that the bones of long-lost King Richard III lay under a parking lot in Leicester, a small city 80 miles from London.  Sally Hawkins brings Philippa to life, with chronic fatigue and a mousey appearance.  She's the sort of person nobody pays attention to. One night, watching Shakespeare's Richard III, she finds inspiration to research his life which ultimately leads her to his bones.  As the story unfolds, Philippa enjoys visits from Richard III's spirit, played by Harry Lloyd, who also plays the actor in the production that inspires her.  The Lost King spins a delightful David versus Goliath story, hitting the right notes as others step in to take credit for her work.  The Lost King sets the record straight and tells an entertaining story doing so.