Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Quiet Girl - 4 Stars - March 10, 2023 - THEATERS

Nine-year-old Cait can't quite find her place in the rural Irish village where she lives.  Her family calls her "The Wanderer" after her habit of disappearing into the fields to lie in the long grass.  In desperation her pregnant mother sends her to live with relatives for the summer.  Once on the farm, we gradually learn the source of the host family's grief and of Cait's dysfunctional home life.  In a series of slow languid scenes, the couple and child grow together.  The Quiet Girl tells a story of love and kindness.  The young woman at the center of the story, Catherine Clinch, produces an extraordinary performance.  The Quiet Girl competes for best foreign film at the Oscars.  It's one of the best films of any type I've seen this year.