Friday, September 16, 2022

The Good Nurse - 3 Stars - THEATERS - NETFLIX - September 11, 2022

The Good Nurse hits the right notes of a competent true crime thriller.  E.R. nurse Jessica Chastain welcomes new hire Eddie Redmayne to the night shift.  She struggles with health issues of her own, untreated because she won't qualify for health insurance for several months.  Redmayne offers help in her working place, and emotional help after hours.  Police begin an investigation required by law of a suspicious death.  Kim Dickens, as the hospital safety officer, clearly remains interested in keeping her institution from any liability.  Gradually Jessica Chastain discovers insulin overdoses as a cause of multiple deaths.  With the aid of officers Noah Emmerick (the Americans and a bunch of other things) she gets to the truth, or at least some of it.  The Good Nurse is based on the true story of Charlie Cullen, who killed up to 400 patients in various hospitals over a period of years.  He never gave a reason.  The story paints hospital administrators and lawyers as equal villains, content to pass a serial killer on to another institution.  Jessica Chastain adds tension as a nurse fearing for her job but wanting to do the right thing.  Redmayne's believable as a nice guy turned serial killer.  Kim Dickens captures corporate mentality perfectly.  Taking place in mostly dark hospital rooms and corridors, amped up with tense music, The Good Nurse gets it done.