Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Emily the Criminal (R) - 3 1/2 Stars - STREAMING - August 12, 2022

Emily the Criminal casts Aubrey Plaza as a young woman with several strikes against her.  Those strikes include student loan debt and a felony conviction involving an abusive boyfriend.  She tries to make ends meet as a food delivery worker.  Her pay's so low she can't even keep up with the interest on her student loans.  A friend introduces Emily to the world of credit card fraud.  Handsome Theo Rossi as Youcef, a Lebanese immigrant, notices her hunger, and welcomes her into his world of black-market TV's, computers, and luxury cars.  Their romance and her fearlessness build to a gripping finale.  Aubrey Plaza dares you to look away as this thriller turns up the heat.  90 minutes of Emily the Criminal left me breathless.