Friday, March 25, 2022

Windfall - NEXFLIX - 3 Stars - Opens March 18, 2022

Alfred Hitchcock would love it.  Windfall opens with Jason Segel wandering around the desert home of a multi rich CEO.  He enjoys a glass of orange juice, lounges on the furniture, and manages to find some cash and a Rolex.  Suddenly, the owners arrive.  Forced into action, Segal takes Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins hostage.  One thing leads to another with the uber wealthy Plemons sort of helping Segal rob him.  Clipping along at a nice ninety minutes, Windfall suddenly catches fire, building to a wham-o ending.  With one set and only four characters, Windfall feels like a play.  Certainly Covid-19 considerations shaped this production.  Excellent acting helps, especially from Jesse Plemons, whom I came to admire in Breaking Bad and who snagged an Oscar nomination for Power of the Dog.  Windfall's revelation is Lily Collins.  Known for her frothy series Emily in Paris, don't underestimate Lily Collins.  Believe me.