Monday, September 13, 2021

The Green Knight - 2 Stars - THEATERS/STREAMING - July 30, 2021

 The Green Knight is a dark movie, literally, so dark you can hardly see it.  Based on the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Dev Patel plays the young lad called by his uncle King Arthur to prove his character.  The Green Knight (an enormous fir-tree with a voice like Orson Wells) challenges Gawain to lay a blow he will return one year hence.  Gawain beheads the Green Knight, who immediately picks up his head, laughs, and rides away.  Whoops.  Now he faces the same fate in a year.  The months pass and armed with spells and enchantments, his journey begins.  It includes robbery, seduction,  sorcery, and a none too uplifting vision.  This dark story moves at a snail's pace.  Fantasy fans may enjoy, but I found it tedious.