Sunday, January 3, 2021

Promising Young Woman (R) - 3 1/2 Stars - (On Demand January 15th)

The buzz over Promising Young Woman comes with good reason.   A "Me Too" revenge comedy/horror film, Promising Young Woman combines elements of Fatal Attraction, Misery, and Get Out into a candy colored jaw dropping parable for our times.  Carrie Mulligan plays Cassandra ( mythology fans will love the name), a brilliant medical student who quits when her best friend and fellow student kills herself in the aftermath of an alcohol fueled gang rape.  Mulligan feigns drunkenness luring alleged nice guys in bars to take advantage, then teaching a lesson we only imagine, recorded in a notebook with different colored marks. Working in a coffee shop and living at home, Mulligan glides through intentionally odd scenes, wearing make up worthy of Batman's Joker.  A subplot involving a romance with a nice guy played Bo Burnham lulls us into thinking we're watching one thing, then slams us into another.  Cassie will change the culture one hypocrite at a time.  When the finale begins to set up what we expect. Promising Young Woman takes a shocking head spinning turn. This is not your father's Fatal Attraction.