Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Best TV - 2020

2020 didn't do the movies any favors, but TV felt better than ever.  Here's some 2020 favorites: 

1.  Unorthodox - NETFLIX - Shira Haas was fascinating as a young Orthodox bride fleeing an  arranged marriage to find her estranged mother in Berlin.  A gripping family mystery thriller. Only four episodes left me wanting more. 

2.  Mrs. America - HULU - Cate Blanchett unnerving as Phyllis Schlafly, the woman who pushed against the Equal Rights Amendment and kickstarted the Reagan Revolution, paying a shocking price.  Fascinating.   

3.  The Queen's Gambit - NETFLIX - Anya Taylor-Joy, one of my favorite actresses, aces the role of an orphan turned chess prodigy.  

4.  The Crown Season Four - True (mostly) stories so rich I binged into the night.  Olivia Colman remains wonderful as the Queen in a season that includes award worthy roles for Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Emma Corrin as young Princess Diana.  Bad PR for Prince Charles. 

5.  Challenger:  the final Flight - NETFLIX - The story behind the terrible explosion of the Challenger, killing all on board, told in only four episodes that leave you wanting more.  

Great Series of 2020:

Better Call Saul - NETFLIX - Can't wait to see how this turns out 

Dead to Me - NETFLIX - The comedy/thriller's second season matched the delightful first. 

Succession - HBO - Nice to see the ultra rich knife each other in the front and back.   

BoJack Horseman - NETFLIX - So good I watched all six seasons in a few months.  Hollywood meanness in cartoon form, with layers and layers of smartness. 

Ozark Season 3 - NETFLIX - Hooked me in the first season.  This year's third season hit the heights with a heartbreaking sibling dynamic and a Holy S**t finale. 

Just for Fun:

I discovered the WW2 history/drama A French Village - AMAZON PRIME - It drove me to the history books to study France during the war. 

Ratched - NETFLIX - OK, a cheesy rip off of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, with a lot of Hitchcock Elements, especially Spellbound.  Whatever, Sarah Paulson made this delicious.