Thursday, December 31, 2020

On the Rocks - 2 Stars - APPLE TV - October, 2020

On the Rocks almost feels like a sequel to director Sofia Coppola's beloved comedy/romance Lost in Translation.  Bill Murray inhabits the role of an older wealthy Manhattan playboy trying to reconnect with his daughter, played by Rashida Jones.  On screen they spark realistic father/daughter chemistry,. as in they appear to actually like each other.  Jones, now a busy mother of two small daughters, fears she's losing the affection of her husband, played by Marlon Wayans.  She confesses to Murray, who insists they stalk her husband and find out if something's going on.  Their caper has more to do with father/daughter bonding than detective work.  I won't put On the Rocks in the same league as Lost in Translation.  Watch this is you need an easy laugh or smile.