Monday, March 23, 2020

Blow the Man Down - PRIME - 2 1/2 Stars - March 19, 2020

Amazon Prime streams a sly comedy about murder and matriarchy.  A date gone wrong turns into a problem of corpse disposal ultimately solved by the community matriarchs.  A lusty male chorus of "Blow the Man Down" and other sea shanties add flavor to this small indie released direct to Amazon Prime.  2 1/2 Stars PG-13. 
The story begins as Morgan Saylor and Sophie Lowe attend their mother's funeral.  During the wake, younger sister Saylor learns her mother left the daughters a shaky business and an over mortgaged house.  Saylor moves her anger to the town bar, has a few too many, and gets picked up by a shady character.  A handy harpoon saves her virtue and leaves a new problem of body disposal.  Floating in a fish cooler in the ocean, the body plays second fiddle to a dead hooker from the local whore house run by zesty Margo Martindale.  A nifty plot turn involves a bag of cash and Margo the Madam discovering the murder weapon.  "Blow the Man Down" has echos of early Cohen brothers indies.  It strikes me as the kind of movie perfect for late night at a struggling indie theater or art house.  Arriving for release at this unfortunate time, a run on Amazon Prime is the best this small gem can hope for.