Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Emma. - 3 stars - Opens February 28, 2020

Director Autumn de Wilde turns the new retelling of Jane Austen's "Emma." into a beautiful yet funny feast.  3 Stars Rated PG. 
Anya Taylor-Joy plays a young woman of privilege who believes she know best in arranging the affairs of those around her.  Of course she doesn't.  This production rates as one of the most beautiful of the year.  The director won her spurs as a fashion photographer and shows it.  The great Bill Nighy steals every scene as Emma's befuddled father.  An equally quirky cast add to the fun. I'm a fan of Taylor-Joy from her star turn in "Thoroughbreds" and "The Witch."  She turns "Emma." into an English major's delight.  Anybody up for a double feature of "Emma" and "Little Women?" 3 stars PG.