Friday, November 15, 2019

Ford v Ferrari Review - 4 Stars

Matt Damon & Christian Bale go full retro as race car designer Carroll Shelby and fearless driver Ken Miles. Hired by Henry Ford II in 1963 to beat Ferrari in the Le Mans endurance test, the team battles nature, mechanics, and company politics. "Ford v Ferrari" offers a wonderful "can-do" fable of hard work and friendship - one of the year's  best. 4 stars, rated PG-13.
"Ford v Ferrari" whips up a standard come-from-behind tale and does it so well, you can't help but enjoy the ride. The story begins as the Ford Motor Corporation accepts Lee Iacocca's hunch that young buyers would respond if Ford competed on the world wide racing stage, specifically the Le Mans endurance race, historically dominated by Ferrari. Matt Damon plays it cool as Carroll Shelby, often caught between his corporate loyalty to Ford, his instincts and his friendship with hotheaded Ken Miles as played by Christian Bale. The two capture a genuine bond on screen. The film gets a boost from Irish actress Caitriona Balfe as Ken Miles' quirky yet supportive wife, and from the unconditional love shown by Noah Jupe as Miles' son Peter. The usual race scenes thrill more than expected, and belongs on your must-see list. "Ford v Ferrari" is one of the years' best.