Monday, October 21, 2019

Parasite Review - 3½ Stars

Parasite mixes comedy and horror with a series of off the rails twists. A poor family works their way into the lives of an uber rich, clueless family. The strength of the movie lies in the jaw-dropping twists. 3½ stars, rated "R," subtitled in Korean.
"Parasite" earns a place alongside earlier comedy/horror gems including "Get Out" and "The Perfection." South Korean director Bong Joon-ho takes us down one path, and suddenly shoves us in another direction. The film begins as a comedy about a poor family of con artists working their way into a clueless wealthy family. Gradually, they take over the household, undermining drivers, housekeepers and tutors in order to take their place. The gentle comedy gets darker fast, before turning into sheer horror. Class conflict has never been this much fun and/or shocking. Even if you avoid subtitles, this one's worth your time.