Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hustlers Review - 2 Stars

Jennifer Lopez hopes to hustle her way to a best actress award as a stripper/lap dancer who leads a glamorous gang in drugging and robbing their clients. This flashy answer to "The Wolf of Wall Street" avoids moral questions. Rated "R," 2 stars.
Jennifer Lopez kicks off "Hustlers" with an eye popping pole dance, showing off her muscles and athletic ability. Her opening scene warns viewers not to expect much erotism in this crime caper. As Ramona, J-Lo rules the strip club, and knows how to make her clients pay. Wide-eyed newcomer Constance Wu (as Destiny) arrives, asking Ramona for help. A sisterhood develops. After the crash of 2008, Ramona creates a new scheme, drugging and robbing their rich clients. "Hustlers" becomes a feminine version of "The Wolf of Wall Street." It avoids depth, unless you're willing to believe  drugging and robbing a jerk businessman is empowering.  J-Lo and "Hustlers" has a message for America: The world is a strip club. She might hustle an invite to the Oscars with this one, but I'm mixed on it.