Thursday, May 23, 2019

Booksmart Review - 3½ Stars

Booksmart brings new life to the high school coming-of-age story, thanks to a great directorial debut and wonderful lead actresses. Rated R, 3½ stars.
Booksmart takes the standard last night of high school coming-of-age story and sets it on fire. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein play best friends, the smartest kids in class, who suddenly decide they've missed out on all the fun. So the girls set out the night before graduation to make up for lost time. Olivia Wilde directs (this is her debut) with a sure hand. The cast is irresistible, and the energy level high. "Booksmart" feels like a genuine slice of high school today. The adventures compare favorably to your favorite coming-of-age story, whether it's "Risky Business," "Fast Times," "Clueless" or "Superbad." I can't wait to see what Olivia Wilde directs next. I also can't wait to see Dever and Feldstein in their future films. "Booksmart" is one of those movies that predicts great things for the people involved. Raunchy, but raunch with a heart.