Friday, October 7, 2016

Don't Think Twice Review - 3½ Stars

I made it to a screening of "Don't Think Twice" late in its run. Don't make the same mistake I did. Find this movie on cable, Netflix or whatever. Comic actor Mike Birbiglia invites us into the world of a six person improv group - hoping for a big break, leading to a spot on a late night "Saturday Night Live" style TV show. Birbiglia, the oldest member of the team, swears he came within inches of nailing his audition years earlier. Now he must satisfy himself teaching and performing, as he hopes for another shot. Keegan Michael-Key and Gillian Jacobs stand out in this story as a couple in a deepening relationship. The cast and the relationship gets a jolt one night, when a casting director shows up and invites both Key and Jacobs to audition. Key gets the job, and the other five must deal with jealousy and self doubt. "Don't Think Twice" taps into a deep well of feelings. I count this as one of the gems of the year. Does it deliver what it promises? A drama about comedy, with some wise things to say. Is it entertaining? Maintains a sense of humor and irony. Is it worth the price of admission? "Don't Think Twice" breaks the mold.