Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Dressmaker Review - 2 Stars

The quirky Australian comedy The Dressmaker opened this year's Washington DC International Film Festival. The international audience that night enjoyed this story, probably more than the average filmgoers. Kate Winslet begins the story returning to her run down village in the outback, intent on getting revenge for the wrongs of her childhood and also hoping to look in on (and possibly help) her doddery mother played by the wonderful Judy Davis. Winslet has won fame and fortune as a designer: She's a master of the sewing machine. For some reason, her revenge includes stitching together Vogue-style outfits for the townspeople whom she hates. Another head scratcher involves hunky Liam Hemsworth, who falls head over heels for Kate for reasons that remain a mystery. "The Dressmaker" tries to maintain its quirkiness, but it's hard to believe and feels more than a little forced. It left me wondering what these great actors where doing in this fizzle. 2 stars. Does it deliver what it promises? Quirky and sometimes funny, but never funny enough. Is it entertaining? Falls flat. Is it worth the price of admission? Skip it.