Friday, July 8, 2016

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - Movie Review - 2½ Stars

Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza make great foils for bad boys Adam Devine & Zac Efron in the funny-funny and gloriously raunchy "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates." In a classic sitcom set-up Adam Devine (as Mike) and Zac Efron (as Dave) play a couple of brothers who just wanna have fun - so much fun, that they have spoiled or wrecked havoc on a series of weddings and other events displayed in a hilarious home video montage. It includes a fireworks display gone woefully wrong, plus several physical gags with a series of bridesmaids and a hard party event with a grandfather whose heart can't quite take it. Now we meet Anna Kendrick as Alive and Aubrey Plaza as Tatiana, two equally hard-partying girls working as waitresses who can't quite manage to arrive for work sober. There's a back story to their drinking; but no matter, we learn they are the equals to Mike and Dave. Meantime the brothers get a stern warning from their father played by the excellent character actor Stephen Root (I still laugh at the memory of him as that guy in "Office Space" who won't let go of his stapler.) Anyway, the dad lays down the law. The brothers cannot attend the wedding of their little sister, unless they find two nice girls to bring as dates. The theory is, nice girls will keep the boys out of trouble. In order to find two nice girls, the boys post an ad on the internet, make a TV appearance and soon, their offer of a free vacation to a destination wedding goes viral. The girls see the ad, shoplift some nice dresses, and put on an award-winning act. Once the foursome arrives in Hawaii, all Hell breaks loose. "Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates" aims low and hits hard. The cast rounds out with Sugar Lyn Beard as the beloved little sister, and the dryly funny Sam Richardson ("Veep") as the hapless groom. Lower your expectations and enjoy the fun in this extremely "R" rated guilty pleasure. 2 ½ stars. "R" rating for language, nudity, and gross situations. Does it deliver what it promises? Raunchy comedy. Is it entertaining? A guilty pleasure, in league with "The Wedding Crashers," "Neighbors" and "Bridesmaids." Is it worth the price of admission? Great, great fun.