Thursday, May 26, 2016

Maggie's Plan Review - 2½ Stars

I'm a sucker for Greta Gerwig. She combines 2016 manners with screwball comedy charm. Her string of indie comedies has won my heart. So when I saw the trailer for "Maggie's Plan," I started making plans not to miss it. The plot comes right out of the 1930's. Gerwig (as Maggie) meets teacher/writer Ethan Hawke and falls for him. But Hawke has a difficult wife, played with a Danish accent by Julianne Moore. Love conquers all, and Maggie and Ethan get together, and raise the child Maggie believes she conceives with Ethan. But then the plot thickens. Maggie realizes she's made a mistake, and hatches a plot to give Hawke back to his ex-wife. Maggie's riffs on motherhood and sperm banks are fun; and a plot twist toward the end may remind some of the charming "Crossing Delancey." Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader add fun & fizz as Maggie's pals. Unfortunately "Maggie's Plan" feels a little long and talky. Sometimes, it almost grinds to a halt. Does it deliver what it promises? Indie comedy. Is it entertaining? A little long and talky. Is it worth the price of admission? Greta's fans won't mind.