Sunday, May 10, 2015

Welcome to Me Review - 2½ Stars

Kristin Wiig has managed to avoid the broad, heavily marketed easy comedy like “Hot Pursuit” that Hollywood loves to grind out. Instead she continues to choose projects including “Welcome to Me,” a comedy about a society outcast, that sometimes makes you laugh but often makes you squirm. As Alice Klieg, she wins the lottery... giving her enough money to buy her own reality show, in which she acts out the real and imagined hurts of her life. She also has a borderline personality diagnosis, and she’s off her meds. Some aren’t going to find those facts funny. However, as this is a movie, her odd passive aggressive program gains an audience. “Welcome to Me” lampoons the world of television & reality shows, and the power and influence of money. I have to respect Wiig for not following her breakout hits including “Bridesmaids” with a string of the usual broad movie comedies. Do be warned: “Welcome to Me” doesn’t quite add up to a complete movie. It feels more like a long-running “Saturday Night Live” sketch. Does it deliver what it promises? Alternative independent comedy. Is it entertaining? Different. Is it worth the price of admission? For the right crowd. By the way, this is available On Demand, and not widely available in theaters.