Saturday, January 10, 2015

Paddington Review - 3 Stars

A lot of British kids already know and love “Paddington” - a talking bear, who comes to London from “darkest Peru.” The bear looks cute, has a sunny disposition, doesn’t quite understand the ways of humans, and wins the heart of an English family headed by Hugh Bonneville (in a welcome departure from his role on “Downton Abby”) and the always optimistic Sally Hawkins.

“Paddington” comes to London to find the explorer who taught him, his aunt and uncle how to speak English and live British. This includes lots of discussion about marmalade and marmalade sandwiches. Nicole Kidman adds a dash of spice as an evil museum curator, with designs on stuffing and exhibiting “Paddington.” Julie Walters adds to the fun as the family housekeeper, who ultimately saves the day. The result is a delight for kids and adults. Possibly England’s most fun import since “Harry Potter.” Does it deliver what it promises? Family-friendly comedy. Is it entertaining? The bear wins the day. Is it worth the price of admission? PG-rated fun.