Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take Shelter Review - 3 Stars

Michael Shannon has my vote as one of the most extraordinary actors of our time. Some of you remember him as the troubled son in “Revolutionary Road.” He has added intensity to all of the movies that feature him, especially his latest, “Take Shelter.” Shannon plays a young blue collar worker married to Jessica Chastain. Together they have a hearing impaired daughter. Life and money don’t come easy to the couple and his health insurance looms large in their family life because of his daughter’s condition. Soon Shannon sees odd visions - birds swooping and thunder clapping and oily rain. To protect his family and to provide us with the allegory of a husband’s role, Shannon begins adding to a storm shelter in his back yard. He goes so far as to borrow home equity money to expand the shelter. Soon we learn of his mother’s struggle with schizophrenia and we suspect he has the disorder. “Take Shelter” has great tension, as Shannon’s life and challenges unfold. The ending leaves you with a question mark, or at least the ability to make your own interpretation. You won’t stop thinking about “Take Shelter” long after you leave the theater. Does it deliver what it promises? Tension-filled family drama well acted. Is it entertaining? Compelling and well-acted. Is it worth the price of admission? Could be an Oscar contender.