Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Review - 3 Stars

Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and young Bailee Madison move into a creepy old mansion in Rhode Island, which the adults hope to restore and sell for a big profit. As soon as the kid arrives - on loan from Guy’s ex wife - voices in the basement start whispering for her to “come down and play.” If you saw the original 70′s television chiller, you know these creatures play for keeps. Guillermo Del Toro, creator of “Pan’s Labyrinth” and other gems, makes this thriller impressively visual. The story builds to a screamfest of an ending, that WILL make you afraid of the dark. I haven’t seen anything this scary in a long long time. Does it deliver what it promises? Chills and thrills. Is it entertaining? Holds your attention. Is it worth the price of admission? For those who like fright.