Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beginners Review - 3 Stars

Writer director Mike Mills based “Beginners” on own life. After his mother died, his elderly father came out of the closet, determined to embrace his true self. The newly-freed Dad enjoyed that freedom for three years before succumbing to cancer. Christopher Plummer plays the father, a 75-year-old senior citizen, suddenly freed. Ewan McGregor plays a loving son who moves from supportive child to caregiver as his father’s disease progresses. Told in flashback, “Beginners” explores grief and the effect our parents have on our relationships. McGregor meets and attempts to break through in his relationship with Melanie Laurent. "Beginners” tells an unusual story... A straight son with a gay dad, and tells it with great flair, detail and creativity. They could have turned this into an emotional wallow. Instead, “Beginners” spins a funny, fascinating and insightful story. Does it deliver what it promises? Moving story. Is it entertaining? Well told. Is it worth the price of admission? Yes.