Thursday, November 23, 2023

Anatomy of a Fall - 1 Star - October 13, 2023 - THEATERS

The critics are buzzing over Anatomy of a Fall, (French subtitled some English) a mystery surrounding a disintegrating marriage.  As the story begins, a young woman arrives to interview a successful writer played by Sandra Huller.  During the meeting her husband, working a few flights above, plays music so loud the interview must stop.  The couple's son leaves the chalet to walk the family dog.  On returning, he discovers his father has fallen from his attic room to his death.  Who done it?  Did Ms. Huller push him, or simply drive him to suicide.  The French justice system will leave those of us unfamiliar with it scratching our heads.  Gradually clues drop, and pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  The conclusion, for me, falls as flat as the husband's descent from his attic room.  Anatomy of a Fall suffers from too high expectations.  Lower yours if you go.  I'm waiting to watch Huller in another highly touted film The Zone of Interest.