Saturday, September 23, 2023

Theater Camp - 3 Stars - HULU - July 14, 2023

 Theater Camp opens with a crisis.  The founder of a longtime summer camp for drama nerds falls into a coma, turning her beloved institution over to her clueless son.  Also, the camp is on the verge of bankruptcy.  But faster than you can say "Let's put on a show!" Theater Camp puts on a show and roars to a delightful conclusion complete with a last-minute Peggy Sawyer type coming to the rescue.  That Peggy Sawyer reference is an in-joke which is to say theater buffs will gets plenty of in-house laughs, but even if you never took a drama course, you'll find much to like in this breezy mockumentary comedy.  Molly Gordon (I loved her in season 2 of The Bear) and Ben Platt hold the camp together with personal drama, hot tears of despair, and heart.  Jimmy Tatro makes a fine villain.  Noah Galvin saves the day, in more ways than one, including a laugh out loud come out of nowhere turn.  I confess, I spent my first year in college taking drama courses and acting as silly as the characters in Theater Camp.  Of course, I loved it.  One more thing, the young campers of this production are talented and delightful.  They help Theater Camp fill 94 minutes with good cheer.