Sunday, July 16, 2023

No hard Feelings - 2 Stars - June 23, 2023 - THEATERS

When I first heard about No Hard Feelings, I wondered why Jennifer Lawrence decided to do this.  As things turn it, this mild comedy is easy to watch and likeable.  Jennifer Lawrence begins the story as a sketchy character, about to lose the house her late mother left her to back taxes.  Working as a bartender and uber driver, she hits a crisis when her car is repossessed.  She spies an ad placed by a couple of helicopter parents, wanting someone to bring their 19 year old college bound son into adulthood.  Payment comes in the form of a car---a Buick Regal.  The son played by Andrew Barth Feldman has great fun proving opposites sometimes don't attract.  It's a little odd watching a 30 something bartender try to seduce an awkward 19 year old, but No Hard Feelings provides a few laughs and a nicer than expected message.  I enjoyed the funny side of Jennifer Lawrence in the kind of raunchy comedy they rarely make anymore.