Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Blonde - 2 Stars - Netflix - September 28, 2022

Norma Jeane Baker did not live a happy life, even though she grew up to become 1950's sex icon Marilyn Monroe.  Blonde presents a difficult watch, beginning with her unhappy childhood.  The excellent Julianne Nichols portrays Marilyn's disturbed mother, leading us through a series of harrowing scenes and abuse.  In her teenage years, she discovers acting, leading Norma Jean to her new identity as Marilyn Monroe.  We see her career build, even as she is used on the acting couch.  Actress Ana de Armas creates a believable Marilyn Monroe.  She has the voice, the moves, the look.  Her brilliant performance can't quite support an overlong difficult story:  failed marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. am abortion and a miscarriage shown in horrifying detail.  When Marilyn meets President John Kennedy, Blonde has gone so off the rails some will want to leave the theater or turn off the TV.  It's interesting that Marilyn Monroe's life and Elvis' life both arrive as movies this year.  As with Elvis, Blonde feels like a psychedelic haze.  In this case, a haze I can do without.