Friday, August 12, 2022

Nope - 2 Stars - Opens July 22, 2022 - STREAMING

When Jordan Peele makes a movie, fans pay attention thanks to his 2017 masterpiece Get Out, one of the most creative comic/horror films of recent years. Peele's new film Nope spins a UFO story with a few flourishes.  Daniel Kaluuya, star of Get Out, plays a horse and animal wrangler working in Hollywood, enduring disrespect.  His ability with animals will help him deal with a UO hovering above his ranch.  Nearby, child star "Jupe" Park played by Steven Yeun operates a western theme park.  Kaluuya discovers the UFO has a taste for devouring horses.  Jupe hatches a scheme to draw the UFO out in front of a live audience.  Of course, the scheme backfires with deadly results.  Kaluuya uses his animal wrangling skills to ultimately defeat the menace.  Nope feels slow and familiar.  I watched hoping for the creative skill and pay off of Get Out.  Did Nope deliver?  I'm afraid the answer is in the title.