Monday, November 29, 2021

C'mon C'mon - 2 Stars - THEATERS - NOVEMBER 24, 2021

C'mon C'mon hooked me with one of the best coming attractions trailers of the year in which Juaquin Phoenix reads from the children's book Star Child.  That segment turns out to be the best moment in an otherwise annoying adventure.  Phoenix visits his sister, played by Gaby Hoffman.  She must leave her nine-year-old played by Woody Norman in order to care for her bi polar husband.  Work intervenes, and Phoenix must travel to New York, and then New Orleans for his NPR style program.  The kid comes along and behaves badly, throwing several tantrums.  Some may find this moving.  A little-known uncle bonds with his young nephew and helps out his estranged sister.  I found it exhausting and irritating.  Go at your own risk.