Tuesday, August 17, 2021

No Sudden Move - 3 stars - July 1, 2021 HBO MAX

 No sudden Move feels old school in the best sense of the term.  Set in Detroit in 1954 (that's a clue) tough guy Brendan Fraser puts together a crew to do some stealing.  Don Cheadle, as a small time crook just out of prison, pairs with Benicio Del Toro, a character tempting fate with his affair with mob boss Ray Liotta's wife.  The caper involves forcing a small time auto executive to hand over some important plans.  Of course everything goes haywire.  This kind of genre film has roots going back to the early days of talking pictures.  It reminds me of classics such as Kansas City Confidential or even The Maltese FalconNo Sudden Move is a Steven Soderberggh film with all the earmarks:  great acting, complicated plot, a little longer than necessary but fun nevertheless.  Streaming on HBO Max, probably would be more fun in a movie house, but these days we need to take our fun where we can get it.