Monday, August 30, 2021

Coda - 4 Stars! - APPLE TV - August, 2021

Coda tells a heart warming coming of age story so well the result may emerge as the year's best film.  Break out star Emilia Jones signs up for choir during high school senior year.  A perceptive music teacher played by Eugenio Derbez hears something special in Emilia's voice and tone.  (In real life, she's a gifted natural singer.) But there's tension.  Emilia is CODA, the child of deaf adults, the only hearing member of a family earning their living fishing off the coast of a fishing village near Boston.  Emilia interprets for the family, including their business dealings.  She's necessary to their livelihoods.  Will she find a way to start on her own path, find a first romance, and possibly gain admittance and a much needed scholarship into the snooty music school of her dreams?  The story unfolds so naturally, you root for all these things.    Oscar winner hearing impaired actress Marlee Matlin adds credence as mother to a rowdy hearing impaired family, offering both challenge and unconditional love.  Apple TV has done their best to break into the streaming world, first with The Morning Show, then with Ted Lasso.   Now they offer the year's best film Coda.  At 4.99 a month, I think they've cracked the code.