Thursday, February 18, 2021

Nomadland - (HULU) 4 stars

 Nomadland captures contemporary life on the road.  Newly widowed Frances McDormand sells most of her possessions.  She packs her essentials into a van, and takes off for the open road.  Working from temporary job to temporary job, she joins the American nomad community.  Scenes in a potato warehouse or Amazon packing floor show the unglamorous truth.  However, has capitalism and the social network failed her and others like her, or does the call of the open road satisfy something deep.  That's what I like about Nomadland.  It leaves you plenty to ponder.  David Strathairn delights as a friend and possible love interest, whose fate comes with shades of gray.  Much of the story has a documentary feel, including actual members of the Nomad movement.  Now streaming on HULU, and favored to win the Oscar for best picture, best director, and best actress. Nomadland is something you need to watch.