Thursday, January 28, 2021

News of the World - (PRIME) - 3 1/2 Stars - December 25, 2020

Tom Hanks plays a decent man, worn out by the Civil War, traveling Texas giving readings from city newspapers to small town residents. He is the man who delivers the News of the World.  On the trail, he discovers a wrecked wagon and hanging corpse and notices a small child hiding in the woods.  Papers on the wagon declare the young girl being returned to her family, after years living with Native Americans who kidnapped her years earlier.  The older man and the young boisterous girl begin a journey through the dangerous paths of post Civil War Texas.  The slow pace and vast vistas gradually grow on viewers, as the story behind this story emerges.  Tom Hanks adds the right amount of goodness, and young Helena Zengel holds her own as a once Native American German girl struggling to understand her new world.  News of the World builds to a satisfying rewarding conclusion.