Friday, January 8, 2021


 Some of the best so far:

1.  NOMADLAND - (Theaters February, 2021 - Streaming Later) Frances McDormand lives in a van and loves her life on the road.  Part western, part broken promises, all interesting.   

2.  MINARI - (Theaters January 26 - Streaming Later) A Korean immigrant moves his family to Arkansas in the 1980's hoping to achieve his dream as a farmer.  His wife is not impressed.   

3.  MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM - (NETFLIX) - Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman deal with music and racism in the 1920's.

4.  SOUL - (DISNEY PLUS) - Pixar considers the thing that makes us us in the story of a middle school music teacher who dreams of playing jazz. 

5.  MANK - (NETFLIX) - classic Hollywood story of art versus commerce in the creation of CITIZEN KANE. 

6.  THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 -(NETFLIX) - Aaron Sorkin's legal drama belongs with the best of them. 

7.  HAMILTON - (DISNEY PLUS) The film version improves on the extraordinary musical.  American history told in hip hop.  

8.  NEWS OF THE WORLD (PRIME) Tom Hanks returns a young girl to civilization in a perilous journey through post Civil War Texas.  

9.  PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN - (THEATERS/STREAMING MID JANUARY) Carey Mulligan unnerving good in this dark "Me Too" revenge comedy/horror parable that never goes where you expect.  

10. KILLIONAIRE - (PRIME) - Evan Rachel Wood learns grifting from parents Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger. Made me laugh out loud. 

Honorable Mention:

Boys State - APPLE TV - 1,000 outstanding Texas teens gather to build a government from scratch engaging in some of the worst excesses of our time.    

Sound of Metal - AMAZON PRIME - Punk rock drummer loses hearing, finds himself.  Never does what you expect.   

First Cow (PRIME) - The frontier of two hundred years ago was a tough place, especially when you steal another guy's milk.  

The Personal Life of David Copperfield - (PRIME) playful classic remake. 

Emma - (HBO MAX) yet another playful classic reimagined with magical Anya Taylor-Joy 

The Assistant - (HULU) Julia Garner (Ozarks) ducks her head in a sea of workplace menace.  I watched with a knot in my stomach throughout. 

I'm thinking of ending Things - (NETFLIX) Boy meets girl in metaphor turned ballet.  This is not your usual romance.  

Good Trouble - (HBO MAX) Timely documentary of the life of inspiring activist Congressman John Lewis. 

Bad Education - (HBO) Hugh Jackman against type as a slick educator with a taste for the high life.