Monday, December 28, 2020

Bad Education (HBO) - 3 Stars - April 22, 2020

"Bad Education" dramatizes the true story of a beloved Long Island school administrator known for creating excellence and creating an environment that brings to best out of his students. As played by Hugh Jackman, Frank Tassone has charisma and a smooth way. As the true story unfolds, we discover Frank's double life, financed with school funds. In truth, Tassone and his assistant Pam Gluckin (played by the excellent Alison Janney) embezzle millions in a scheme revealed by a couple of dumb mistakes. A student reporter profiling a planned skywalk expansion unraveled the schemes, the house of cards collapses. "Bad Education" tells its story well. Hugh jackman adds the right shades of grey to a flawed education torn between the good life and helping his students. "Bad Education" debuted on HBO duyring the Covit 19 quarantine, opening the question, if it arrives on TV is it televison or a movie? I go by feel. "Bed Education" feels like a gripping based on truth mid range movie. Worth 3 Stars and your time.