Friday, February 7, 2020

Birds of Prey (R) - 3 1/2 Stars - Opens February 7, 2020

Girl Power has rarely been as much fun as the antics Margot Robbie and cast deliver in "Birds of Prey."  This sequel far surpasses the original  "Suicide Squad" thanks to an energetic cast and fun to watch script filled with delightful revenge.  Ewan McGregor makes a fine villain who gets his but good.  What more do you want? 3 1/2 Stars and an "R" for violence with a capital "V".
I had no idea "Birds of Prey" would be so much fun, considering the darkness of the original "Suicide Squad." Now broken up from her boyfriend the Joker, Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie goes on the run from most of Gotham, especially psycho criminal Black Mask, played by Ewan McGregor.  (Don't ask where he gets  his masks.) Harley takes on the bad guys with the help of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's hilariously droll "Huntress," Jurnee Smollett-Bell's songbird Black Canary, Rosie Perez's rogue detective Renee Montoya, and Ella Jay Basco, a precocious 13 year old as Cassandra, who swallows the item everyone wants. The fight scenes approach a perfect mix of comedy, violence, and dance. The dialog made me laugh out loud.  The mix turns out an unexpected pleasure.