Monday, January 6, 2020

Ten Best Movies of the Decade

Daniel Kaluuya stars in Get Out

Ah Heck, everybody else made one, so here's mine...

1. Get Out - Created a new kind of horror thriller, with comedy and social comment.
2. Moonlight - Revised the definition of movie love story.
3. Bridesmaids - Launched several actress careers, and paved the way for women in comedy. And that wedding dress scene!
4. Lady Bird - Announced Greta Gerwig as a director to watch.
5. Boyhood - Captured the passage of time.
6. Spotlight - Best investigative thriller since "All the President's Men."
7. The Master - Cult leader Phillip Seymour Hoffman in a haunting performance.
8. Hell or High Water - Taylor Sheridan's modern western, given life by a wistful Jeff Bridges.
9. Wonder Woman - Redefined the superhero movie.
10. The Avengers - Announced the Marvel Universe.