Monday, August 19, 2019

Ready or Not Review - 3 Stars

"Ready or Not" mixes comedy with horror and class warfare in the story of a bride from the wrong side of the tracks, who must survive a game of hide-and-seek on her wedding night. You think you've got bad in-laws? 3 Stars, rated "R." Great Fun.
Stunning Samara Weaving may outgrow references to her as a Margo Robbie-lookalike, thanks to an outrageous performance in "Ready or Not." Samara plays Grace, a poor girl of dubious background, who marries Mark O'Brien, heir to a family fortune based on board games. Tradition dictates the new bride play a game on her wedding night. Fate deals a bad hand: Grace draws "Hide and Seek," not knowing the family plans to hunt her down and sacrifice her to the gods who smile on the family riches. If she lives, a curse extinguishes the entire clan. "Ready or Not" plays like "Ten Little Indians" on LSD. It's class warfare to the max. Murders come fast and funny. The set and cast camp it up in a creepy old house with a candelabra and oil paintings of disapproving ancestors. It's fun to watch Andie MacDowell as the family matriarch, alongside Nicky Guadagni, a frightening aunt who gives Frau Bl├╝cher a run for the money."Ready or Not" never takes itself seriously, nor should you. Watch for the fun of it.